The purpose of the Interlake High School PTSA Teacher Grant Fund is to support programs and activities that enrich all aspects of the Bellevue High School experience.

Evaluation Criteria
The following criteria are used to evaluate every grant request:
• Number of students benefiting from the grant.
• Duration of time students are served.
• Demonstrated need for the project/materials.
• Availability of other funding sources.

To apply for a grant, please download and fill out the form below.

Teacher Grants awarded by the IHS PTSA in the 2014 - 2015 school year:

$2,533.83 - Mr. Allen
A full set of Spiker Boxes - Students can measure action potentials (nerve impulses) in invertebrates and humans, thus giving students the ability to design and run neurobiology labs that generate high quality data.

$1,000 - Ms. Collomb
An in-class class presentation about the Louvre for French and Spanish classes

New student lunch

$516 - Ms. Corso
AVID trips to colleges (in addition to money received from BSF for this project)

$740 - Ms. Nielsen
New Interlake Library books
Interlake High School PTSA,
Aug 29, 2016, 5:45 PM