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A four-part series on how parents help make Interlake great
High school is a big deal for our kids. What happens during these important years has a big impact on them. That's why most parents want to be more involved at school ... if only there were more hours in the day. 

Interlake is an exceptional school, and part of what makes it that way is us. Yes, Interlake parents, our school needs us. 

Thank you for what you already do. And maybe consider new ways to get involved, too.
  • It's is as easy as attending a concert or athletic event. 
  • It's as fun as volunteering an hour or two along side other parents.
  • It's as painless as donating whatever you can spare to one of many worthy causes that benefit our students. 
  • Getting involved is whatever you can do, because you care!
There are four parent-led organizations that serve Interlake: Bellevue Schools Foundation, plus Interlake PTSABoosters, and Music Parents Association. Each offers something valuable to Interlake families. And each is worth a closer look.

Part I: Bellevue Schools Foundation

"WE BELIEVE that strong, healthy schools contribute to a strong, healthy community."  That's why BSF is dedicated to serving every public school in the Bellevue School District through education-enhancing programs, fundraising to support them, and strong community partnerships.

BSF was created in 1979 as a non-profit organization to help bridge the gap between state funding for basic education requirements and the high quality education we believe Bellevue students need in order to be prepared academically, artistically, and socially for the complex world they will graduate into. 

Yes, it's true: our public schools need our private support. 

We can support the health of the entire Bellevue community through our support of BSF:
  • Become a mentor through VIBES (Volunteers IBellevue's EducationSystem).
  • Make a donation online, or at the annual Springs for Schools luncheon in March.
  • Attend a BSF-sponsored event to learn more about timely topics and meet others in our district.  

Want to learn more about BSF?  Visit