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The Interlake PTSA would like to recognize and say thank you for making a difference!

March, 2016 Influencer/Educator of the Month: Mrs. Williams

Here's what a member had to say about Mrs. Williams: 

"She is a patient listener with a warm heart, and an active problem solver for stud
ents. She is always willing to help."

About Mrs. Williams:
I moved to Bellevue, WA from Santa Cruz, CA when I was 6 years old  and started 1st grade in the Bellevue School District. I graduated from Newport High school and I am proud to be Knight!  I was involved in Yearbook and Journalism while at  Newport and my favorite teacher was my yearbook advisor Mr. Wilson. After high  school, I moved back to California and  attended Santa Clara University. I was also fortunate to  study  abroad in Italy and then returned to Washington state and  graduate from Western Washington University with a  degree in Psychology.

While in college, I discovered that I had a heart for teenagers after working with foster children and teens in crisis. I returned to school and  received my  M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Gonzaga University in 1998. I  has been a High  school counselor with the Bellevue School District  since 1999- starting at Sammamish High School for 5 years, spending a few years at  International School, 6 years at  Newport High School and finally here to Interlake.  This my third year here at IHS  and I am thrilled to be part of such an amazing community of student learners. Interlake is a very warm and welcoming community with a supportive parent community.

As I look back over my work as a school counselor, several themes stand out as impactful to student learning. Communication, building relationships and collaboration with students, families and the community are my most effective strategies in impacting student success. In everything I do- I strive to build relationships, earn the trust of students and families and set the highest expectations possible to encourage students to follow their passions and dreams. Each student has many strengths,  they just have to have the support to find them.

I live here in Bellevue with my husband and two children. For fun, I enjoy traveling, reading, working in my yard and cheering for my kids while they play sports! I feel very fortunate to be supported by my family to pursue my passions and dreams. 

Congratulations and Thank You Mrs. Williams!


January, 2016 Influencer/Educator of the Month: Mr. Calvert

Here's what a student had to say about Mr. Calvert:

“He teaches us a lot, in strict, but fun way. That’s how we make progress without feeling the burden. He is always enthusiastic, and opens our eye on the way of thinking during analyzing the literature. It makes students want to learn with focus and enjoy the literature as well as related cultures.”

About Mr. Calvert:
I grew up in Eugene, Oregon and was active in swimming and water polo in high school.
I then went to The University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA where I majored in English. For my first two years I continued to swim and play polo.

After graduating with a degree in English I returned to Eugene and attended the University of Oregon where I received my teaching degree. I received my Masters for The Colorado College and received a degree in Teaching in the Humanities.
In 1989 I started teaching in Centralia, WA where I stayed for 15 years. I taught English,  and was the tennis coach for a number of years. I started at Interlake in 2004 where I have taught Freshmen English, IB English, TOK,  and AVID.  During that time I began assisting in the boys and girls golf program. Currently I'm the head girls golf coach.
In truth, I first thought of being a teacher in my 7th grade health class. The teacher was not strong and I remember thinking, "I could do a better job!" ( A bit arrogant for a 7th grader, but there you are). I then had an amazing English teacher in high named Marna Schultz who gave me the love of literature. I was doubly fortunate and did my student teaching under her guidance.
I went into teaching because of literature, but I stay in teaching because of the kids. I often sarcastically answer when people ask me, "What do you teach?"  I answer, "Students."  English may be the subject, but I clearly teach kids.
For fun I enjoy golfing, skiing, and hiking. My husband and I also enjoy the arts and trying new restaurants.
I feel very blessed to be at Interlake. After 27 years of teaching I know that very few schools in the country have the quality of education and welcoming climate that we have. Again, thank you so much for this honor. Makes the hard work a little bit lighter.

Congratulations and Thank You Mr. Calvert!

November, 2015 Influencer/Educator of the Month: Mr. Richardson
Here's what says in recommendation about Mr. David Richardson:

“He is the progress monitor at Interlake and is working very hard to get students to study and attend school. He identifies their passions and interests and engages with them in a very unique way."

Congratulations and Thank You Mr. Richardson!


September, 2015 Influencer/Educator of the Month: Mr. Matthies

Here's what a student had to say about Mr. Mathies:

“He brings an extremely positive attitude to the class.

He is always happy, and it makes students

want to learn with focus and appreciation,

especially for a foreign language like French that is not

easy to learn at the high school level.”

About Mr. Matthies:
I grew up in Bellevue, and became a proud member of Interlake's first freshman class, graduating in 1989. It never occurred to me to leave the area, so with much hubris aforethought, I applied to a single university, the UW. I was a pre-med French lit major, because med schools love that stuff; but I quickly realized that I had little in common with science, and dropped all my molecules for a program in French literature.

I was fortunate to be able to participate in the UW's Alzheimer's disease research study throughout the length of grad school, and that also kept me local. But I still can't tell you if blood circulates clockwise or counter-clockwise, the number of gallons in a hectare, or why my wife's eyes change color when she gets angry. (We just celebrated 20 years!)

Education just seemed a natural thing to do, given my passion for French and my love of teaching; and when I saw that the Bellevue School District was hiring in French, I applied that very day, thinking how crazy it would be to return to Interlake.

When I'm not teaching, I like to read, listen to impossibly difficult music, collect books, and read. I also enjoy screaming "Heel!" at my German Shepherd, and being dragged up and down the driveway.

Congratulations and Thank You Mr. Matthies!