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2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Class Info

Some activities are organized within Graduating Classes at IHS PTSA. Volunteer or contact any of the class volunteers with questions.

Class Chairs - Organize Graduation details

Chairs of Class 2017: Barbara Espinoza, Jubilee Seth

Chair of Class 2018: OPEN!

Chair of Class 2019: OPEN!

Chair of Class 2020: OPEN!

Staff Appreciation - Make special meals for teachers and staff and provide support when needed.

Class of 2017: Jen Murphy Barbara Espinoza, Jubilee Seth

Class of 2018:  Open!!!

Class of 2019:  Open!!!

Class of 2020:  Open!!!

                            Auction Co-Chairs: Open!!

Class 2017 Chair: Open!!

Class 2018 Chair: Open!!

Class 2019 Chair: Open!!

Class 2020 Chair: Open!!