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We have sold over 160 tickets.  Don't be left out!

What’s the Senior Graduation Party? When? Why?

The Senior Party is a fun & important Interlake tradition. It’s an all-night party that happens the night of our students’ graduation ceremony in June. The Senior Graduation Party gives our kids a special celebration event full of wonderful memories – plus a safe place to party with friends and class-mates. Why risk celebration options that won't ensure your student's safety?


Where’s the Party?

Party locations change every year and are a BIG SECRET. Students won’t know where they’re going until the bus arrives at their destination. Rest assured that each location is a secure, drug- and alcohol-free environment with lots of food, music, entertainment, games, and much more … all night long!


How much are Tickets?

The price have gone up.  November 1st-December 1st, the Sale Price is $215, with a $5 online fee if applicable.

If, yes, IF there are still tickets left after December 1st, the Regular Price will go up to $240.

Remember there are a limited number of tickets and it sold out last year!  Purchase your student’s ticket NOW to reserve a spot. Registration will be complete as soon as all forms are received.


How Do I Purchase a Ticket?

With a credit card:

1) You can purchase your $220 Sale Price Ticket (includes $5 online fee) with the button below.  

2) Forward your emailed receipt to and tell us your student's name and email address and your name and email address.

3) As the party gets closer, we will guide you to required paperwork and more detailed information.

With a Check:

1) Print the Grad Night Party form at the bottom of this page.

2) Fill it out with your and your student's contact information.

3) Write a check for $215 to Interlake PTSA - Class of 2019

4) Drop the form and check off in the PTSA box at the IHS Front Office.

5) As the party gets closer, we will guide you to required paperworks and more detailed information.

Need-Based Scholarships are available:

There are a limited number of highly-discounted scholarship tickets.  First-come, first-served.  Deadline is December 21st or when gone.

1) See your IHS counselor.

2) Fill out the Scholarship Form with them.

3) Make payment and turn in forms to PTSA Box located in the office.

How Can I Help?

The success of this event each year reflects the generous spirit of our school community. Please consider joining our parent planning team, supporting our fundraisers, and/or sponsoring a student in need. You can donate directly to Interlake PTSA Class of 2019, or provide a full or partial student ticket scholarship here:

Questions? Ready to get involved? Email us at

What Senior Party Forms Do I need?

A link to the The Sale Price Ticket Form is located at the bottom of this page.  It is called "Grad Night Party".  A consent form as well as a health form will be available here in the spring.  We will send out reminders.



What is a Senior Ad?  Take a look at the very back of last year's yearbook.  There is a section of personal dedications to seniors.  It is like a very public good luck card to your senior.  It may include photos of their past, words of wisdom, and/or loving wishes for their futures.  Not only will your senior forever have this ad, it will help raise money to keep the price of the yearbook reasonable.  (It is a fundraiser!)

Go to for more information.  


Buy car wash tickets for your family!  
Buy them for your friends!  
Buy them for your teachers!!!

Look for our table at Parent University and PTSA Meetings.
In person prices:   $8/each   or    $15/two  
Preferably cash or check.

Purchase 4 tickets for $31now with this button and we will mail your tickets to you.

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