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The mission of the Interlake High School PTSA is to encourage a healthy learning environment and sense of community for all students, staff, and families. 

  • P: Parents are the compass and true north, guiding their children. PTSA demystifies the high school experience so parents can be smarter & supportive, and share their best wisdom with their high schoolers' in a timely and proactive manner.
  • T: Teachers are the foundation for the child's success. We enable teachers to create richer experiences in the classroom by funding programs not supported by the district, and volunteer our time to boot!
  • S: Help enable students to discover their long term aspirations, learn powerful lessons from their own endeavors and achieve long-lasting personal success. 


Last PTSA General Meeting of 2018-19 Year

Monday, April 22nd, 7 pm

Interlake High School Library


    • Elections - We have a slate of candidates for the 2019-2020 Board and will hold elections.
    • Visiting Author - As mentioned last week, Lynn O'Shaughnessy will join us. She is very current on the college planning process, is an active speaker in this space in places like the Silicon Valley and has a terrific book, The College Solution.
Food: MOD Pizza will be provided for those who are coming from work.
We do look forward to seeing you next week.


What's our areas of focus and goal?  

We sponsor community-building events and provide targeted financial grants that enhance student learning at Interlake.  Our goal is to keep the Interlake community informed and up-to-date, as we invite parents to connect with each other and with staff, and as we welcome everyone into conversations about topics that matter to student success. 


What makes Interlake High School such an exceptional place for our students?  

It’s our cultural, social and academic diversity, wrapped in a welcoming and safe environment that encourages learning and provides rich opportunities for our students’ personal and intellectual growth.  


Our students need you. Please get involved, give generously of your time, talents, and treasures!  

You’ll meet interesting, friendly people.  And your student will benefit as our entire learning community thrives! 

What are some of the programs the PTSA supports?

You and your involvement in the PTSA help make the following programs possible:

      • Teacher Grants (i.e., lab equipment, educational aids)
      • Parent Education & Communication
      • Student Programs & Assistance
      • Summer Team Camp Support
      • Need Based Athletic Scholarships
      • Match Team Funding for Equipment Not Provided for in the ASB Budget
      • Field Trips for our Music Groups and Need Based Scholarships
      • Music Master Classes and Music Festival Fees
      • New Instruments and Instrument Repair

Contact president Karol Jamison at:

Join PTSA!

Welcome! By joining the IHS PTSA you are supporting students through funding Grants, Student Scholarship, Staff Appreciation, and Reflections.

We appreciate your support. Join us at our board or general meetings or volunteer for the many school activities we provide assistance for from picture day to test proctoring.

To join the PTSA, download the application form and turn it in at the Interlake main office with a check, or simply join us online below!

We look forward to seeing you!
Join Today!
Donate directly to Teacher Grants. 
Yes! I also want to donate to the general PTSA fund for all students!
Thank you!

Pickup and Drop-off Reminder for Parents:
Please move your car forward during pickup and drop-off! Thanks! 

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